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Financial independence for women

Why is financial independence so important for women?


You’ve already read here what financial freedom means. Now this post is aimed specifically at women. Because I believe that it is especially important for women to achieve their financial freedom. Why?


1. Because women earn less


Women still earn less as employees than men in the same position. It’s sad, we know, but it is what it is. There is nothing you personally can do about it. But you can make yourself independent of employers – and you should do just that. How? You are here – so the first step is done. Nice one!


2. Because women deserve more


Because we deserve more than living in dependence on employers. Business and politics are still dominated by men, a majority of whom have no interest in seeing women in leadership positions. As long as this is the case, we should step out of this shadow and continue to expand our independence – especially financial independence.


3. Because women are more affected by poverty in old age


Due to events such as baby breaks and family care cases, we work an average of 27 years before retirement, while men work almost 40 years. This means that we have also only paid into the pension fund for 27 years, which in turn means that we receive significantly less pension than men. The result is nothing other than old-age poverty. According to projections, for up to 75 percent of today’s 35- to 55-year-old women, the statutory pension will be below the current optimal level. If there is still a statutory pension at all when you and I reach that age… So we have no choice at all and MUST do something for our financial independence in order not to have to spend our old age in poverty.


4. Because we want and need to set our own priorities


  • I will be 30 this year and of course the thought of starting a family in the near future keeps creeping up on me. When I have kids, there are four things I definitely don’t want:
  • Have my parental leave determined by someone else (employer and state).
  • Fear for my career.
  • Parking my little kids at daycare all day because I have to work until 6 or 7 pm.
  • Begging for vacation days when the daycare is closed or the kids are sick.
  • I want to make such decisions myself and for that I have to be financially independent.


And so do you! Our professionals at Stafford Thorpe can guide you in the right direction!

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