Stafford Thorpe provides financial services to clients so we can protect and grow their wealth over time.


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Kintetsu Kasumigaseki Building 5F 3-5-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0013, Japan

About Us

About Us

We Are Focused On You

For us, dialog with you is essential, as we gear our services to you. You are the benchmark for our actions. That’s why, when we get to know you, we record all your goals, wishes and plans – conscientiously and meticulously.

Welcome to STAFFORD


In contrast to banks, savings banks and insurance companies, we act as consultants and not as sellers of in-house products. Even though, as is typical for the industry, we do a lot of our work quietly in the background, the results of our work are tailored precisely to your needs and are constantly monitored – up-to-date, carefully and responsibly.

Customer Satisfaction

Your trust is very important to us and your satisfaction even more so. That is why excellent customer service is very important to us. This means that, in addition to specific financial advice, we regularly provide you with information that gives you important insights into your own finances but also into the development of the financial markets themselves.

Work With Us Today

We are ready to focus on you and your business. Our team cannot wait to work on your project together!

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